How to Unhide Hidden Pins on Pinterest | Easy User Guide

Unhiding Pinterest Pins gives users more control over what they see in their Pinterest home report feed. The Pins displayed in your news feed are automatically curated by Pinterest based on people, topics, boards, and brands you follow. Hiding a Pinterest Pin involves just tapping a menu selection. Although this is a good feature, it is not exactly full-featured and clear on how it actually works.

Unhiding a Pin is as easy as tapping the “Undo” button. Hiding Pinterest Pins works a little differently on desktop versus the Pinterest mobile app. What’s missing is a feature that Pinners really want the ability to see all Pins they have hidden with the option to unhide Pins if they choose.

Why Hide a Pinterest Pin?

Pins are hidden so users can modify what content they see on their home feeds. You can hide individual Pins only from your home feed. This lets Pinterest learn more about what you are not inquisitive in. Unhiding Pins also works on advertisers’ Pins. Paid promotions on Pinterest are called promoted pins. Advertisers use interest and behavior targeting and choose who they show Promoted Pins to. If a Pinterest user decides they do not like a Promoted Pin or perhaps they are seeing the ad too continually, they can determine to hide the Pins.

Unhide a Pinterest Pin

Hide a Pin on misfortune, you can unhide it as long as you unhide it instantly. Although, there is no way to see all your hidden Pins grouped concurrently on a board or a tab on your account. This spreads to the Pinterest mobile app and desktop Pinterest. If hide a Pin, you must unhide it immediately, or else if you are planning to Delete A Pinterest Account it is gone perpetually.

How to Unhide a Pin – Pinterest Mobile App or Desktop Pinterest

  • Once a Pin is hidden, it is covered in a dark grey overlay
  • Unhide any Pin, choose the Undo button on the overlay to see this Pin furthermore

Private Pins

If you want to hide your own Pins consciously, but still want to be able to view them, then possibly you desire to make your Pinterest Pins personal instead of hiding them. Unfortunately, you cannot hide your own Pins. You can nevertheless, save them to a board, and them make the entire board private. That way, only you and anyone who manipulates your Pinterest account can see the Pins.

To Make a Pinterest Private Board

  • Open Pinterest
  • Choose to a board that you want to hide
  • If you are on the Pinterest mobile app, press and hold the board cover image, select the pencil icon to edit the board. On desktop Pinterest, tap the pen icon in the lower right corner, under the board’s cover image
  • Slide the Visibility toggle switch to on and “Keep this board secret.”

Or if you’ve already clicked into the board you’d like to Rearrange Pinterest Boards, then look for three dots that emerge to the right-hand the title of your board. Click on those dots and a menu will arise, with the option to rearrange.


Unhiding a pin on Pinterest is easy, specifically if you are transient about it. While there are other modes to emigrate pins that you’ve hidden in the past, unfortunately they do not permanently work. So, try not to hide things overly unless you’re positively sure that you never desire to see them again.