How to Sell on Pinterest- An Ultimate Guide 

Pinterest has become a large marketplace where you can open your shop. You can grab a wide range of customers with the help of Pinterest for your product marketing or other services. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this use of Pinterest platform. Therefore, we have prepared an ultimate guide that tells how to sell on Pinterest effectively. 

Marketing through Pinterest 

How to sell anything on Pinterest

We will tell you some practical ways to learn how to sell with the help of Pinterest. Follow the instructions below to succeed in this process.

1. Set Online Store

 If you’re planning to market through any platform, so you must have an online store. You can build your online store on Shopify or WooComerce. Moreover, these platforms are user-friendly. You only have to drag and drop your products there. When you have done with your online store, the other part comes where you do social campaigning for your store. Nonetheless there Pinterest will play a vital role in boosting your sales.

2. Define your Target Audience

When you are planning campaigns on social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, their targeting audience is significant; however, people’s interests vary due to their age, gender, and location difference. In that case, it will be very effective to target your relevant audience; otherwise, you will waste your time and money.

Therefore set your target audience and boost your social campaigning wisely

3. Pinterest Business Account

On Pinterest, you can make two types of accounts, personal and business accounts. Anyhow, we suggest you if your purpose is marketing, then go with a business account. If you create a personal account, then you can only post and save pins. On the contrary, the business account allows you to see monthly views on your account. Also, you can see the performance of your pins through analytics and much more. 

Nevertheless, you have the option to link your account with your business account or either make a standard business account for marketing

4. Make a Brand 

Now, it’s time to give your account a brand look. For this, you need to organize your budget with pleasing aesthetics. Prepare a logo, a tag line, and feature images for your branding. Plus, while doing all these, remember to choose an attractive and pleasing color scheme. You can take the idea for color scheming from your services or products as well. However, that’s optional by if you have the opportunity, then you should not ignore it. 

Furthermore, add high-resolution images to your account. Also, add your brand information in the bio and place your contact information so the customers can reach out to you. Make your bio, product title, description, and tags SEO optimized; it will also target your audience.

5. Add Website Link 

The final step is to add your online store or website link to your account. When you place your website link in your account, you get an HTML code or meta tag. Now, insert this tag in your website; once it is done, go for the claim button. Finally, it will verify your account, and you will be ready to sell on Pinterest. 

Some Effective Tips for Selling on Pinterest 

Consider these tips if you want to market Pinterest your product and services.

1. Use Supreme Visual 

When a customer opens your account, yours’s account images give the first impression to them. In case they are rough and unorganized, so there are maximum chances of losing your client. Therefore, always make visuals supreme. Organize the pictures in terms of color, size, and quality. 

2. SEO Optimization 

Another essential factor, whenever you post a pin, make it SEO optimized. Explicitly, you will make your SEO titles and description of your product SEO optimized. Check the trends and add the related keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags. Even use SEO in your BIO and Account Description as well. This tip will give a boost and Create A Pin on Pinterest account.

3. Implement Rich Pins 

Must go with the rich pins. There are four sorts of rich pins, products, apps, articles, and recipes. Choose the one according to your services

4. Use Promoted Pins

On Pinterest, you have that option to promote your pin. Thereby, we recommend you to get benefit from this feature to boost selling on Pinterest.

Final Verdict 

Follow all the tactics and guidelines described in this post if you want to sell on Pinterest. Unquestionably, Pinterest is becoming a great source of marketing nowadays. If you use this platform appropriately, then you can get immense benefits.