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  • Note: Keep in mind To download, right-click on the download button (or tap and hold if using mobile) and choose the Save/Download option.

Online Pinterest Video Downloader

Isn’t it sad that you see a post usually called pin on the Pinterest app and want to share it with your friends or family, but you are not allowed to do so there? You don’t need to upset anymore about this; we bring a free Pinterest video downloader for solving this problem. With this Pinterest downloader, you can download Pinterest pins online without any limit.

Free Pinterest Video Downloader

We want to clear you the pin here means video, image, and gif. Nowadays, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform where people from different localities keep posting their pins. You can see the pins related to fashion, cooking, sport, and the other things you followed on the home feed. Meanwhile, if something isn’t available in your feed, you can search in the search box.

Most of the time, people are inspired by the ideas they saw on Pinterest and wanted to save this on their mobile or laptop. However, people have no idea how to do so. You can’t directly save it into your storage from Pinterest due to some restricted policy. For these clueless folks, we are going to guide them thoroughly.

How Pinterest Video Downloader Works ?

Follow These Steps To Download Pinterest Videos

Download Pinterest Videos Step 1
Download Pinterest Videos Step 2
Download Pinterest Videos Step 3
Download Pinterest Videos Step 4

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media app designed to store and discover information about different things going on in the world. You can save the information by using images, gifs, and videos in the shape of pinboards. Millions of people are using this valuable and informational app.

Moreover, the creators on Pinterest give an overview of their services or ideas on their accounts. Ideas that inspire folks to open up the image/video and root for them in the future. You can also say Pinterest a visual search engine. Usually, creators introduce extensive brand profiles means a collection of creative ideas.

There are two things on which Pinterest consists named pins and boards. The pin is the uploaded image/video/gif that is linked to websites. A pin saved on one user’s board can also be saved by other users, which is a repining process. Whereas, the board collects ideas/pins representing a relevant theme such as wedding, gardening, fitness, and health, etc.

Now when the basic concept of Pinterest has been cleared, come towards the vital process of video downloading. Many people get confused when they have to download the Pinterest video for the very first time. So, we explained below a process by which a Pinterest Video downloads in your smartphones and computers effortlessly.

How to Download Videos from Pinterest by Android Mobile or IOS?

  • If you don’t have a Pinterest account, then create an account first on the Pinterest application.
  • You can also sign up via FB or Gmail accounts.
  • Now, you have access to go and check Pinterest videos, gifs, and images and save them in your account.
  • Decide the video you want to save on your mobile. You can either choose from your feed or search for the video you are looking for via the search box. Open the video you want to keep; you can see °°° their on the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on this °°° icon which pops up some options there
  • Choose the option of copy link option from there.
  • The URL will be copied and ready to use.
  • Now paste the URL in the free Pinterest video downloader input box.
  • A preview of the downloaded video appears to you tap on the download button.
  • Video will save on your mobile.

How to Download Pinterest Videos from Computer/ Desktop / Laptop / MAC?

  • Go to the website, log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, then create/register your Pinterest account.
  • After signing in, you can see different pins followed by you. You can choose anyone coming on the feed, or you can search in the search box which video you wanted to download on your PC.
  • Click on the pin to open the video. You can copy the URL of Pin by exploring the options. Moreover, you can also use the send button where you find the link button. Click on this link button, and your video’s link will be copied.
  • Now, come to the Pinterest video downloader and paste your copied link on the Pinterest downloader box.
  • Click on the download button below the downloader box.
  • You’ll see a preview; after checking the preview, download the video.
  • At last, your video will be saved on your Laptop/Computer/Desktop.

In Short

  • Copy URL of video from Pinterest.
  • Paste it over the downloader you find here above.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Check preview to confirm.
  • Click again on “Download.”
  • You are done.

Pinterest Gif Downloader

Our downloader enables you to download Pinterest gif that the official website of Pinterest doesn’t allow. There is no hard and fast rule to download gifs; you can save them without any problem. If you are using a computer to download gif online, then go to the website and follow the steps discussed in the download from Pinterest by using the computer/laptop section. On the other flip, follow the steps of Pinterest video download by Android /iOS.

By following both of these steps, you can easily Download Gifs Online on your device without any trouble.

Pinterest Image Downloader

You can also download Pinterest images online with this downloader. Although you see an option to save images on Pinterest by pined them to your board. Also, you may see the Pinterest images Download option too which enables you to save images on mobile. However, the fact is that this downloader offers you high-definition images.

Hence, you can download Pinterest images online with the help of this downloader and get HD quality pics on your desktop, Laptop, Android, iOS, or tablet.

Pinterest to MP4

This downloader also referred to as the MP4 video downloader, converts all Pinterest videos and gifs into MP4 format. The only thing you have to do is to copy and paste the URL in the search box of a Pinterest pin. Click on the download button; the video will convert into MP4 HD or 720p then you only have to click again on the button to confirm.

Advantages of Using Online Pinterest Video Saver

  • Free online Pinterest video downloader.
  • Fastest video downloader.
  • Easy to use
  • Can download videos, images, and videos.
  • MP4 video downloader.
  • No need to register for downloading videos.
  • Not reveal your identity and data
  • Compatible with all browsers such as Safari, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox chrome, and others
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, tablet, PC, and laptop.
  • No third-party App required for using this downloader
  • Not saved your videos in their records.
  • Download unlimited videos, gifs, and pictures without any restriction.

Who Uses Pinterest Most?

Nowadays, everyone benefits from Pinterest young, old, men, women, students, bloggers, or businessmen. Like a businessman promotes there his website’s services and facilities. On the other hand, bloggers are showing their creativity, awareness, and tips to the audience. A student search and find different topic over Pinterest and learns in an advance way. Nevertheless, there are numberless such examples you will find over there that inspire you to be a part of this community.

Pinterest is providing the opportunity to every field of people to find out their interests and get benefits. With the help of Pinterest, you can reach out on international platforms by interacting with internationals across the world.

Recently, it has been noticed the females are using more Pinterest than males. That means women are more into finding their way to acknowledge their skills on this helpful platform. One should get benefit from this platform if he/she belongs to the online field.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To clear things more explicitly, we have included the frequently asked questions. If still, you have any confusion about this downloader so you can ask in the comment section.

You cannot download videos from Pinterest directly; you need to use the Pinterest downloader. For this case, use the downloader the way it has been described above.

Our downloader’s priority is to safety and security of user’s data and devices. So, you can use this video downloader for Pinterest without facing any security issue.

The tool doesn’t ask for user’s data. Further, we don’t save the record of user’s downloaded video, gif, or image on our server.

You don’t require any registration to be filled for this free Pinterest video downloader. Just go to, copy the URL and paste it here in the downloader box.

The downloader supported these features as well. However, you can download a live video from Pinterest after the end of live streaming. Please copy the link to this live video and paste it into the downloader to get your video.

When you use this downloading tool, video will save in downloads or a folder recommended by your browser. Follow the instructions below for finding your videos.
In Smartphones:

You need to examine the default download routes of the browser.

In Windows:

Check the download history in your windows by pressing Ctrl + J on your keyboard.

In Mac:

Use Cmd + Shift + J on your keyboard and explore the history.

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Final Verdict:

Pinterest has a vast audience that inspires by multiple information and creative ideas of creators over there. Sadly, due to some privacy policy, Pinterest restricts downloading a Pinterest video on your device. Nevertheless, the Pinterest Video downloader resolved this problem by facilitating unlimited video, gif, and image downloading services. No expertise requires to use this tool; you can easily download video by following the above steps of video downloading. Moreover, as the tool is free to use and compatible with all devices, use it without any second thought.