How To Delete A Pinterest Account -Close Your Profile

Pinterest is a very famous social app that has been founded in 2009. Moreover, it is a visual discovery engine where you can add and save different videos and images. Therefore, this application has been created to give the public a platform to expand their creativity and business. 

In these past years, we have seen immense progress in the audience of Pinterest. Creators on Pinterest share their content, whereas a businessman shares their business services and details. On the other hand, students are using this platform to add value to their information. Furthermore, people on Pinterest are connected worldwide share their opinions, thoughts, experience and work. Consequently, Pinterest is a great source of entertainment, education, business, and global awareness. But, still, sometimes you have to delete your Pinterest account once your account removed then you Stop Emails From Pinterest

The reason can be whatever, but the solution to this should be discussed. So, people can delete their accounts without any confusion. Here, in this article, we explain how to delete a Pinterest account in just two minutes

A Step by Step Guide

How to Delete a Pinterest Account Using Phone/Android/iPhone? 

  • Go to your Pinterest and log in. 
  • Once your account open, click on your profile icon, which takes place exactly on the right side of the bottom bar. 
  • Now you will reach on your profile. 
  • There you find a hexagon with a circle inside; tap on this icon.
  • Then, three options will pop up there.
  • You have to click on the “Account Setting” option. 
  • Now you will find the settings of the account 
  • In the setting, if your scroll down, then you see a Deactivate Button, and below it, there is Delete Button. 
  • Click on the “Delete Button” If you are sure about this. 
  • Enter the exact reason for deleting an account.
  • At last, enter the email which you used while making this particular account. 


You deactivate your account if you want to save your data and pins; otherwise, everything will permanently delete. Afterward, this deleting account your account still in the status of deactivating for 14 days. After fourteen days, your report will be automatically deactivated so all your data. 

How to Delete a Pinterest Account Using Computer/Desktop/Laptop?

  • Go to from any browser.
  • Login to your account.
  • On the top right side, you will find a three-dot “°°°” option. ,
  • Click on this °°°, option. 
  • Afterward, you will see some other options. From these options, choose “Edit Settings.”
  • Edit settings bring you to “Edit profile.” 
  • You will see an “Account Settings” option exactly below the edit profile icon on this page. 
  • Tap on this “Account Settings.” 
  • Then, scroll down the page you find the “Close Account” button.
  • Click on the button if you are sure to remove the Pinterest account. 
  • Subsequently, it will bring you to the reasons for a closing account. 
  • Choose the one relevant to your case. 
  • Then, you have to give an email address that you have used to create this account.
  • Enter the email. 
  • Now you will receive an email on your email address of deleting the account. 
  • Open the email. 
  • Tap on “Yes, close the account”, on the email you got from Pinterest. 
  • Then, your profile will be disabled. 

Remember, for the first fourteen days; your account will be in the state of deactivating. If you want again, activate your account and keep your data so you can do it. Otherwise, after this period, your report will be permanently deleted, so your data. 

Final Verdict 

The article describes the details of Pinterest and its usage nowadays. Moreover, the main subject is how to close your Pinterest account. Sometimes, people who are not very well at technology stuck with the use of social arrangements. Thereby, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for deleting Pinterest account using Phone and Computer. We hope you find this post informational and useful.