How To Post on Pinterest – Boost Your Engagement

Nowadays, many people, especially those who are marketers and content creators, are on Pinterest. Therefore, Pinterest has become a broad platform for the most significant interaction and communication around the world. Moreover, people on this platform inspire each other by creating creative pins. Pins are the content such as videos, audio, graphs, and HD images that you put on your Pinterest account. Pinterest provide you privacy to hide pins from public and Unhide Hidden Pins on Pinterest anytime. So, far we have come to know the importance and usage of Pinterest in this modern world. Thereby, it’s time to learn how to post your content on Pinterest effectively. 

How To Post Your Photos On Pinterest Using Phone?

Post Your Photos On Pinterest Using Phone
Method To Post On Pinterest By Mobile Phone

People can upload their pictures on Pinterest. Also, the app offers you to save and shares pins of daily inspiration, recipes, new business ideas, and styles. First, however, follow the steps below to post your photo on Pinterest 2021 using mobile.

  • If you like something on the internet so copy the link to that website page.
  • Now, open your Pinterest account. In case you don’t have one, then download the app and sign up. 
  • The tap on the black pop-up right at the top. 
  • Click on the “+” that placed precisely at the center of the bottom bar. 
  • Create a single pin or board, whatever you prefer. 
  • Choose the image from the gallery. 
  • Now add the link you copied. 
  • Give the most suitable “Title.”
  • Describe your idea in 3 to 4 lines. 
  • Add image Alt text 
  • At last, click on the final Next. 
  • Select or create a relevant board according to the pin.
  • You are all done. 

How To Upload Your Images On Pinterest Using Desktop?

 Pinterest Using Desktop
Upload Your Interesting Image On Pinterest By Desktop

Suppose you are exploring the internet on your PC and like an image you love to upload on your Pinterest account. Follow the steps given below for uploading a photo on Pinterest using Desktop. 

  • Copy the link to the page or photo you like to upload.
  • Go to Pinterest. Com website. 
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the create button (+) over there. 
  • Click on this “+” button.


  • You can “save from site.”
  • Then paste the link you copied. 
  • Select arrow.
  • Select the photo or photos you want to upload. Now add a title.
  • Write 3 to 4 lines of attractive description.
  • Add an Alt Text.
  • Finally, choose or create the board relevant to your photo.
  • Publish your pin. 

How to Post a Story Pins on Pinterest Using Mobile?

  • Open the Pinterest application.
  • Enter to your homepage. Check there; you find a “+” button at the bottom.
  • Choose Story Pin. In case you don’t have access, then request it.
  • Moreover, you choose to record on the spot in the application or click on the square. You will find that square at the left at the bottom. 
  • Afterward, you can choose a photo or video you want to upload. 
  • Tap on the next. 
  • If you want to add the music, text, and audio so add. 
  • Also, you can tag your friends in your videos.
  • Furthermore, if you need to add more stories, swipe left and tapped on the “+” button. You can add many story pins to a carousel.
  • Follow the previous steps to uploading an appropriate story. 
  • Also, add Title, Board, Tags, Description, and other details
  • At last, Hit Publish. 


Pinterest is a visual social media that has been made up to share ideas around the globe. Further, people nowadays using this application at a vast number and day by day users is increasing. In this situation, it became essential to understand the use of Pinterest; therefore, we have made a detailed post on how to post on Pinterest in 2021 effectively. If you are on Pinterest and aren’t very familiar with Pinterest, this post is for you. I hope so; the writing will help you. How to create pins on Pinterest is very simple and easy to understand. Any person can easily done this job. Hopefully, you have learned that how to post on Pinterest. If you are follow mentioned some steps and things, then the possible chances that you can easily post on Pinterest for free of cost and without any charge.