How To Rearrange Pinterest Boards – Organize Pins & Section

Pinterest has been about since 2010! Can you believe it? If you were one of the foremost Pinterest users then you have 11 years’ worth of pins reserved. So, it certainly is time to rearrange those Pinterest boards! I’m sure your life and interests have changed in the past decade. So if you’ve never gone through and rearranged your Pinterest boards, then currently is the time to do it. In this article, we’ll stroll you through different approaches and procedures for scrambling your Pinterest boards so, they are as efficient as feasible.

Rearrange Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest gets a bad prestige for existing a time spendthrift, but I sense like that’s only because there is so considerably knowledge and inspiration held there. But if you’ve ever discovered yourself scrolling and exploring through pin after pin, looking for that specific formula you pinned a few weeks ago, then it will be a amazing time to manage your Pinterest boards.

Managing your Pinterest representatives will let you know where each assertion, formula, or DIY project is saved. You won’t ever squander time skimming for a pin you accidentally lost. Everything will be held in a exhaustive place and be easy to find.

Rearranged Boards

What concerning all the staples that you don’t desire to delete, but you don’t try to need them anymore either? Maybe you have a board committed to your daughter’s first birthday party or a board all about your sister’s baby shower? And you don’t feel like deleting all of them? Well now you can Rearrange them!

Here are three things you need to know when a board is Rearranged on Pinterest: 

  • You can still access and view the pins, but you won’t be able to save anymore pins to that board.
  • The board no longer arises on your public silhouette. It will be kept separated from your other boards down at the base of your home page.
  • You can unarranged the board whenever you feel like. Nothing enduring.

Step by Step instructions for Rearranging Boards on Pinterest

  • Your cursor over the board you want to rearrange. A little pencil symbol will appear in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Click on the pencil icon. This is the “Edit” button.
  • A new box will seem titled “Edit your board”. This box will allow you to name, describe, add collaborators, or delete your board. Look down on the bottom left-hand side for a gray button that says “Rearrange”. Click on it.

Or if you’ve already clicked into the board you’d like to rearrange, then look for three dots that emerge to the right-hand the title of your board. Click on those dots and a menu will arise, with the option to rearrange.


Pinterest Board factions aren’t the most impactful way to get more visibility for your Pins. They’re still a convenient way to keep your Boards organized, detailed, and user-friendly, making it easier for you to find your saved scope. If you’re thinking of using Pinterest Board or want Unpin A Pin On Pinterest sections in your transaction versus personal use, ask yourself if you could more virtually reach your audience by constructing a Board with a niche title.