How to Unpin Something Pins on Pinterest

Want to work out how to unpin a pin on Pinterest? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. There are a lot of specialties that you can do on Pinterest, from being able to save pins that you discover and want to be able to refer back to at some point, to be able to share your own pins that might inspire others.

However, if you are pretty new to the Pinterest scene, then you might be finding it challenging to work out how to unpin a pin.

What Does Unpinning On Pinterest Mean?

Unpinning on Pinterest means deleting those pins that you no extent consider valuable. Or, you want to make your boards free of undesirable stuff. Deleting pins on Pinterest doesn’t involve complicated steps to do the same. So, if you wish to delete Pinterest pins from your computer or smartphone, all you have to do is follow uncomplicated steps and get it done.

How To Unpin A Pin On Pinterest?

As said, there are easy ways to unpin a pin on Pinterest. And, you can do that both from your PC and smartphone.

How To Unpin Pins On A PC/Mac?

To unpin a pin on Pinterest while using a PC, follow the instructions below.

  • Open your web browser and log in to your Pinterest account
  • When the page loads thoroughly, click on the profile image that you locate in the right corner of your screen
  • Locate the board where you have preserved the pin that you want to delete
  • Next, open the pin that you want to unpin
  • Select the three-dot line next to your pin
  • Choose the option ‘Delete’ and ‘Delete Pin’ from the bottom
  • Choosing the ‘delete Forever’ option will unpin

How To Unpin Pinterest Pins In The Mobile App?

To unpin on an Android phone or on the iPhone using the Pinterest app, follow these steps.

  • Open the Pinterest app on your Android smartphone
  • Choose the board where the pin you wish to delete is located
  • Hold the pin for some time so that you can see some floating options
  • Tap on the pencil icon to find out more options
  • Select ‘Delete this pin’

What Happens When You Unpin A Pin On Pinterest?

If you unpin a pin on Pinterest, it remains on other people’s boards who have saved it. In short, even if you have created the pin and deleted it later, it will disappear from your board. But if a user saved the pin on their board, they will see the pin even after you have deleted the same. Removing the pins on Pinterest permanently isn’t possible but you can Delete A Pinterest Account as of now and so you should be careful of what you post.


A pin on Pinterest is a bookmark that you can use to save content that you like and discover on Pinterest. You can look for pins and find the ones that you really like, and then you can save them by selecting on a pin. If you are using a business Pinterest account, then you can create a pin that links back to your website.

Perhaps you have pinned pins in the past on Pinterest that you don’t resonate with anymore, and you don’t want people to associate those pins with you. If you have been on Pinterest for a while, then there is a good chance that your tastes have changed over the years, and now you are trying to achieve a completely different look. The good news is that learning how to unpin a pin on Pinterest is possible.

There are many things that you can use Pinterest for, from learning how to craft and cook, to showing your community practical and fun ideas that you have come up with as well.

Final Thoughts

When figuring out how to unpin a pin on Pinterest, you are balancing up in the skill department and ensuring you can stay ahead of the pack. Just like other popular social media sites, Pinterest is well known now for its craft, home decor images that people like to share. Whether you have a business or individual account, when you learn how to unpin a pin on Pinterest, you know how to hone your style better so that people can reverberate with your content more.