How To Create A Pin on Pinterest – Complete Steps

Do you want to inspire and influence people on Pinterest? If yes, then you have to post an attractive and suitable pin for the audience. Now how can it be possible? What factors does it depend on? We need to know everything about this. Keep in mind, Pinterest is a visual engine where people come from inspiration, creative ideas, and marketing. Therefore, you should remember this before making and posting a pin on this platform. Today, we will talk about this vital part of interest so that you get to know how to create a suitable Pin for Pinterest.

Follow the definitive guide mentioned below to fulfill the successful pin criteria. Creating pins on Pinterest is easy! Simply click the “add” button in the top right corner of the screen, and then follow the instructions. You can either upload an image from your computer or choose one from a website. Once you’ve selected an image, you can add a title and description, and then share it with your friends!

Design Of The Pin 

How to create pins on Pinterest is very simple and easy to understand.

The Pin’s design impacts immensely on your account, especially if you are launching a brand. Also, if you want to be an influencer, organize your images appropriately. On Pinterest, the recommended ratio of the image is 2:3 to 1:3:5. However, many people tried multiple pixels, but the most suitable for a pixel is 1000×1500 pixels. These sorts of pins have more chances to get maximum engagement. 

Moreover, you can also highlight the pins on the cover of your profile by showcasing them. For this, use a pencil on the top right side of the profile. Then, choose a board or activity you want to highlight. 

Add A Context 

Make the pins contextual. In other meaning, create a pin that tells about your article or blog, relates to them. For instance, you probably open Pinterest and see the images that appeared with exercise context, recipe context, and others. These are the things that add more value to your content. Hence, it results in a great engagement. 


Graphics plays an essential role in the development of Pin. In this case, think about the color schemes of your images. You can relate them to your blog or website color to maintain the hierarchy of your brand. Another critical factor is the resolution of the photos; add high-definition images to your account. 

Add Gifs And Videos 

Don’t restrain to images. Add an adorable and contextual video as well. Such types of pins grab great attention from people—also, Pinterest likes that its users add variety to their account. 

Suitable Title 

Now, when your creative Pin is ready, so it’s time to post it. Before posting a pin, think about the suitable title for your Pin. Create a title related to your images and blog and excites the audience to open it.

SEO Description And Tag 

After the title, when you are going to write a description, remember it must be SEO-optimized. Check which keywords relate to your niche is on trends. Take the keywords and put them in the report fluently. After a suitable description, writes tags relevant and tending on your place. Don’t forget to add your website’s link and alt text (add targeted keyword) at the end. Here, you are done with a perfect Pinterest Pin. 

Final Verdict:

Pinterest is the most famous app nowadays. People use this application for different purposes. Plus, it provides an excellent opportunity for influencers, marketers, and bloggers to promote their skills. Here, folks come to take inspiration and ideas of different sorts. So, it is only possible if the creators create suitable content for their audience. I hope this blog on How to Create a Suitable Pin for Pinterest helps you greatly. Some people telling that how to post on Pinterest. So, post on Pinterest is very simple and easy to understand.